Intermission: Juggling Five Balls, Upside Down, With Her Feet

A YouTube video inspires some acrobatic feats.


"I'm sending you an amazing YouTube video," my mother texted me the other night. "I think you'll like it." I braced for something political, or feline. Once it was both—a study in what happens when humans with costuming skills have a pair of shorthairs and too much time on their hands.

The video arrived moments later in my inbox. It showed a woman named Selyna Bogino juggling five basketballs, while upside down, with her hands and feet.

Amazing? Meh.

I noticed a balled-up dirty sock on my floor, one of many. Delicately, even expertly, I reached out with my foot, gripped the sock with my toes, and flicked it towards the hamper. You can guess what happened next.

No, actually it rimmed out, but still... your move, Selyna. Your move.

P.S. Call me.