Intermission: Now We Can Harass Our Gay Friends About Weddings, Too!

New York gay people will now endure the same wedding crap as straight people. Yay, equality!


I have a confession: When I looked down at my Twitter feed last Friday and saw that gay marriage had been legalized in New York, my first thought wasn't "Yay, equality!" Don't worry, it was my second. I went down to the West Village in Manhattan, celebrated outside of the Stonewall Inn, and felt warm inside along with everyone else when couples shouted marriage proposals at each other.

But before all that, I thought about how many gay couples were now going to be coaxed, nagged, or otherwise harassed by their family members and friends to Get Married Already, like our friend Tyler in the above video. Congrats, unattached New York gays. You're now of an even lower social status than you were before.