Intermission: One Soldier's Personal DADT Repeal Celebration

To mark the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, one soldier stationed abroad filmed himself calling his father to tell him he's gay.


The military's 18-year Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy was officially repealed yesterday, leaving thousands of past and present soldiers and officers finally free to share their sexuality. To mark the occasion, one currently deployed American soldier, 21-year-old Randy Phillips, filmed this video, which shows him nervously calling his father to tell him a lifelong secret no one else in his family knows: "Dad, I'm gay." His dad doesn't have much to say on the subject, other than to assure his son, "I still love you, son. It doesn't change our relationship." It's the kind of unconditional acceptance every child hopes for, and every gay servicemember can finally look forward to.