Intermission: While You Were Sleeping, Life Went On

Delightful video profiles of nocturnal Washingtonians, from a karaoke cab driver to a bat rehabilitator

Today, The Washington Post published the 12th and final chapter of its "Night Lives" summer series, which featured stories about what happens around D.C. when the 9-5 government workers are asleep. The profiles ranged from the predictable (a 24-hour laundromat, a prostitute, the Guardian Angels) to the delightfully unexpected (a bat rehabilitator, a tire mechanic, worshipers in a perpetual prayer chapel).

The articles are terrific, but it's the accompanying videos that really bring the stories to life. Just try not to smile as "karaoke cab" driver Joel Laguidao belts out the words to Journey's "Faithfully" in the video above. Then go watch all 12 and take a moment to marvel at the diversity of worlds that make up any community.