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Investing In a Community, One Child at a Time

Join Opportunity International to Invest in One Child and learn about others like Comfort who are transforming lives for generations to come.


The name of my school, Ahobrase Academy, means "humility." In 1998, I had the idea to create a small nursery in my home. Day after day, I saw children aimlessly wandering the streets and not in the classroom. In Ghana, like many other places, getting an education is critical for success. So everyday when my husband left for work, I would secretly teach children from within my home. I would go into the community and invite children in, many who were hungry and unclothed. Slowly I began to build a school that not only provides access to education but also offers children a safe place where they could bathe and eat. We became a family.

Over time, the number of students I was teaching outgrew my front porch and I knew I needed to find a new facility. I had dreams of expanding and improving what I was offering. And so six months after I first opened my doors to children in the community, I told my husband what I had been doing—and, to my surprise, he was supportive and encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

With an introduction from a friend, I met with a loan officer from Opportunity International, applied, and received a school proprietor loan. In no time at all, I started with the foundation for a new building. I built a first story. And then a second. Every time Ahobrase Academy grew in size, so did the number of eager children waiting outside with a hunger for learning.

Today, Ahobrase Academy has more than 800 students from preschool through junior high. It amazes me and touches my heart to hear the children call me "Momma!" Everywhere I go they shout, "Momma! Momma! Momma!" We are a family and these are my children. Just like I dream for a better future for my four daughters, I have big hopes for my students—many of whom are now in college. And that is what I dreamed of—opening the doors to opportunity.

Unfortunately, I did not go to college because I couldn't afford to. Like every parent, I saw many possibilities in my children and wanted them to succeed and have a brighter future. And that's exactly what they are doing. I am proud to say to say that all of my children are today attending University and pursuing careers they are passionate about. That's all any parent can ask for.

Opportunity International gave us the resources to make these dreams a reality. When others would have denied me a loan, Opportunity International opened their doors and guided me through the process. Today, I am investing in my community, educating children, employing teachers, and looking toward the future where we will continue to expand and improve Ahobrase Academy.

My name is Comfort Appiah and I am proud to invest in education across Ghana. I urge you to join me in creating a brighter future for children everywhere.

Join Opportunity International to Invest in One Child and learn about others like Comfort, who are transforming lives for generations to come.

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