Is Your City Ready for Electric Cars?

Ford has declared these 25 cities to be best prepared for electric vehicles (but it isn't a perfect analysis).

This is Ford's map of the cities best prepared for electric cars. As our old friend Morgan Clendaniel reports:

Cities that ranked high on their list did so by making it easier to obtain permits for home charging stations, working with utility companies to set up cheaper rates during the night (when people will charge), and using an "urban planning approach to public charge station locations—meaning that they look at traffic flows and where people spend their parked time to determine charging locations."


Of course, this list isn't definitive. If you live in Salem, Oregon, for example, you're in good shape because it's on The EV Project's list of cities to get a charging network. And furthermore, for any given person, having a garage where you can install a charger is, unfortunately, probably the single most important factor in determining whether an electric car is going to be practical in the near term, regardless of what city you live in.