It Actually Works: An Electric Train Charged by the Road

Back in October, we heard about a German company that was patenting a system whereby the road itself could charge electric vehicles as they...

Back in October, we heard about a German company that was patenting a system whereby the road itself could charge electric vehicles as they drove on it. Well, I'm happy to report that we have a working prototype of this idea:
South Korean researchers Tuesday launched an environmentally friendly public transport system using a "recharging road" -- with a vehicle sucking power magnetically from buried electric strips. The Online Electric Vehicle (OLEV), towing three buses, went into service at an amusement park in southern Seoul. If the prototype proves successful, there are plans to try it out on a bus route in the capital.
The OLEV was developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (not by the Germans) and it's limited to this theme park tram. To scale it up to public streets, there would have to be some analysis of whether creating a sufficiently comprehensive network of these underground strips is economically feasible. And obviously, it might make the most sense to experiment first with public transportation systems that run in dense cities along pre-determined routes. There also might be some public concern about magnetic waves.But that said, it's great to see this first proof of concept. Lots of awesome things you hear about on the internet never become anything more than awesome things you hear about on the internet.
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Jim Browning is a YouTuber from the UK who has an amazing ability to catch scammers in the act.

In this video, he responds to a scam email claiming he bought a laptop by breaking into the scammer's computer. In the process he uncovers where the scammers work, their banking information, and even their personal identities.

"I got an 'invoice' email telling me that I had paid for a $3800 laptop," Browning writes on his YouTube page. "No links... just a phone number. It's a real shame that these scammers emailed me because I was able to find out exactly who they were and where the were."

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Danielle Reno of Missouri left her car running and it was stolen by thieves. But she wasn't going to let her car go so easily.

For 48 hours this owner of a pet rescue tracked the charges being made on her credit card. Ultimately, she found her car at a local Applebee's, and then went after the thieves.

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Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders took aim at former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg onstage at Wednesday's Las Vegas Democratic debate, likening the billionaire businessman to President Donald Trump and questioning his ability to turn out voters.

Sanders began by calling out Bloomberg for his stewardship of New York's stop and frisk policy that targeted young black men.

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