It's Fair Trade Month—Here's What You Should Know

Learn what Fair Trade means, what specific Fair Trade labels indicate and how to shop for Fair Trade goods.

It's Fair Trade Month, which means that if you haven't already, now's a great time to learn about how to be an ethical consumer.

The New York Times reports that Green Mountain Coffee has a new video campaign promoting its fair trade practices—starring musicians Michael Franti and Grace Potter (scroll down for those). In the videos, the artists visit coffee farmers and ask how fair trade has improved their lives.

So what can you do to observe Fair Trade Month? Well, aside from the recommended 10 ways via Fair Trade USA, you can learn (or re-learn) about what Fair Trade means, what labels specifically mean (and what related labels mean), how ingredients go from ground to goods, and how to shop Fair Trade.

Busy? Check out this GOOD infographic on Fair Trade for a great snapshot.

This month, we'll share posts about Fair Trade efforts and achievements, as well as the more stringent standards that some folks wish came with Fair Trade labeling. Is there anything you wish you knew about Fair Trade? Ask and we'll see about coming up with some answers for you.

Now, about those videos...