It's Not Rocket Science: Students Need Clean Drinking Water It's Not Rocket Science: Students Need Clean Drinking Water

It's Not Rocket Science: Students Need Clean Drinking Water

by Jackie Ramirez

December 6, 2013

This post is brought to you by GOOD with support from The California Endowment, Health Happens Here in Schools.

Imagine the only drink available to you is from a vending machine. There’s no water fountain to take a sip from or use to fill a bottle for later. While it may be hard to believe, it’s the reality for many students in California where 25 percent of schools don’t offer free, clean water despite federal and state regulations.  Without any free, clean drinking water available in schools students are left with few healthy options when they need to quench their thirst. 

Studies have shown more than 40 percent of children and adolescents are drinking at least one sugar-sweetened beverage per day.  With increasingly high rates of childhood obesity in the U.S., experts are pointing to sugary beverages as the primary driver. So, it’s no wonder the rocket scientist in the video above feels compelled to invent a portable filtration system to put in children’s lunch bags as a safe alternative to soda.

Health happens in schools through a number of ways and it doesn’t take rocket science to find simple, creative solutions to improve the health of our schools. 

Whether you are a local advocate, community leader, parent, school administrator, food service administrator or principle you have the power to make health happen in your schools and community. Join the PTA, engage your school’s wellness committee, or meet with student groups and access their needs. Let’s change the way we think about health.

Together we can start with a simple task like making water more available in schools

Are you working to improve the health of your local school or know of any success stories? Tell us below if you or anyone you know is working hard to bring healthy changes to schools. 

Find out how The California Endowment is working closely with education leaders, parents, and students throughout California to create positive learning environments where students can thrive. 

This is the second video in a series of three. Watch the first here.


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It's Not Rocket Science: Students Need Clean Drinking Water