It's Time to Call Your Senators About "Cash for Caulkers"

I've written quite a bit about "Home Star"—aka "Cash for Caulkers"—and have made no effort at all to disguise my enthusiasm for the prospective program. You know, the one that will create a ton of jobs, cut the average family's energy expenses, and cut our collective carbon emissions? Well in this next short Senate session, there's a bill sitting there that includes Home Star. But, as Jeff Rickert of Green For All warns in an email today, time is running out:

Home Star -- a fast-acting, short-term, job creation program that will drive new investment into the construction and manufacturing sectors while saving consumers money -- passed the House with bipartisan support in May. Your phone calls to Congress were key to the success in the House.

Now it's time for the Senate to act swiftly and create jobs for the American people.

The Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Accountability Act (S. 3663) includes Home Star legislation that has been developed and supported by over 3,000 organizations across the country. Join the National Call-In Day today and call your Senators or follow the link below.

Urge your Senator to support S. 3663 with Home Star »

Congress will return on September 13 for a work period that will extend only to October 8 before it breaks again for the elections. Demand that S.3663 be brought to the Senate floor, debated, and voted on in this short time window.

Time is running out. This is the last realistic chance this year to pass any legislation that creates clean-energy jobs; reduces greenhouse gas emissions; secures our economic, environmental and energy future; and holds oil companies accountable.

If enacted, Home Star will:

  • Save homeowners an average of $440 a year on energy bills -- that's nearly $9.2 billion nationwide over the next 10 years
  • Create more than 168,000 jobs that cannot be exported
  • Boost sales of American-made building materials

It's time to step up and call your Senator. I know you get dozens of requests every week to make a call or sign an e-petition, so I only ask you do this when it's critically important. I believe this is. Use Green For All's form, call your Senator, tell them to support S.3663, and make sure that it's brought to the floor and voted on before their next recess.

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