A Designer’s Crusade For a Dying Planet

Milton Glaser's campaign aims to increase the urgency around combating climate change.

Design heavyweight Milton Glaser is lending his talents to an issue of global importance: climate change. His “It’s Not Warming, It’s Dying” campaign features a simple green circle that’s being engulfed by a black haze, an unmistakable reference to the Earth in peril. The design is offered on badges, which are available for purchase on the campaign’s website, as well as adorning a massive banner on the side of New York’s School of Visual Arts building, where Glaser both teaches and serves as acting chairman.

Glaser standing by the SVA building boasting the campaign's poster. Photo courtesy WNYC

Glaser, who is most famous for his iconic I heart NY logo, hopes that this crusade will push everyone to get involved, as it affects and implicates each and every one of us. All proceeds go directly back to the production and dispersal of more badges to raise awareness.

“Those of us responsible for communicating ideas to others must bear the burden of the consequences of such communication,” Glaser told Dezeen. “If one is looking for a purpose and theme to their life, avoiding the worst event in human history is a good place to begin.”