Ivanka Trump's Attempt At 'Scientist Cosplay' In This Photo Has Generated A Hilarious Backlash

What’s wrong with this picture? (Hint: Many, many things.)

At this point, Ivanka Trump has to realize that her attempts to endear herself to the public while remaining complicit in the Trump presidency will continue to result in little more than mockery and vitriol.

Recently, Donald Trump’s eldest daughter found her way to Iowa for a discussion on maintaining an evolving workforce, but the public takeaway from her presentation focused on something else entirely, overshadowed by yet another Trump family member’s misguided desire for a photo op.

Based on the response of Twitter users, few were able to overlook a very staged photo of Ivanka in junior scientist mode, carefully pouring a chemical compound … into her hand? On the floor? It’s difficult to tell exactly what she’s doing other than trying her best to cosplay a scientist.

Not only did the meme machine fire up quickly, but many also used the admittedly goofy photo to attack Ivanka for her participation in her father’s disastrous presidency.

Even a renegade NASA account couldn’t help but get in on the fun.

Going beyond the aesthetics of the photo, some more scientifically adept souls took to criticizing her dangerous lab practices.

The barrage of criticisms has been as relentless as it has been diverse, but we’ll end with this one, which may be the winner.