Ivanka Trump Takes Heat For Tone-Deaf Black History Month Tweet

She seems to be standing close to the racist platform her father used to get to the White House.

Photo by Ida Mae Astute, Disney ABC Television Group/Flickr.

Trump’s daughter and official White House adviser, Ivanka Trump, is taking heat on social media for a Black History Month tweet. The monthlong awareness is specifically aimed at celebrating contributions made to the country by black Americans, but Ivanka’s tweet calls for equality for “all Americans.” Her comment echoes the conservative motto “All Lives Matter,” which has served to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement.

The tweet was especially tone-deaf because her father rode to the White house by stoking racism and has a long history of bigotry dating back to the 1970s. Trump and his father were sued by the Nixon administration for housing discrimination in 1973.

During his political career, he championed a five-year racist crusade against President Barack Obama, claiming he was born in Kenya. Last year, according to witnesses, he reportedly said that all recent Haitian immigrants to the U.S. “have AIDS” and that Nigerians would never “go back to their huts” in Africa, once they’ve seen the United States.

While Ivanka shouldn’t be judged by the actions of her father, her silence while supporting him makes her appear complicit in his actions. Here’s how Twitter reacted to Ivanka’s tweet:

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