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Jack Black Reveals the Scariest Things He’s Ever Done

by Adam Albright-Hanna

January 30, 2016

During an interview with Jack Black on “The Off Camera Show with Sam Jones,” the comic opens up about dealing with anxiety and the “sad” motivation behind his childhood dream of being on television. 

“So much of my life is just trying to relax, trying to figure out how to relax,” Black said, after talking about how nervous he still becomes while performing at high-profile events such as the Oscars.  

Jones asks about wanting to be on television as a kid. Was it because he wanted to be liked? 

“Yeah,” said Black. “Just acceptance and to be in. Just have people, yeah, like me. It's so sad that you would do something like that to be loved. I was obsessed with it.”
Check out the entire clip below:

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Jack Black Reveals the Scariest Things He’s Ever Done