Jenny McCarthy Doubles Down on Anti-Vaccine Position

Despite new evidence that the link between vaccines and autism is entirely false, Jenny McCarthy continues to beat the drum, putting kids in danger.

Writing in the Huffington Post, the vaccines-cause-autism advocate Jenny McCarthy refutes the claims made last week by Brian Deer in the British Medical Journal that the major study linking autism to vaccines was fraudulent.

McCarthy defends the study's author and the parents whose children were studied, quoting one of the parents as saying:

How could the BMJ scrutinize what Brian Deer has said without looking at our children's medical notes which they are not allowed to have? This needs to be challenged.

Everyone seems to be missing a key point: Fradulent or not, the science of the study was already refuted and retracted by the Lancet. We don't really need to be arguing it any more, as its no longer part of the scientific record. It's the entire basis for any sort of "medical" belief that vaccines and autism are linked and it's no longer valid. Vaccines don't cause autism, and it's grossly irresponsible for parents to not vaccinate their kids because they think that they do. It's even more grossly irresponsible for a non-medical professional like Jenny McCarthy to keep using her celebrity to keep pushing the issue. There are real consequences to these actions: They make kids sick and cause outbreaks of disease that we should have eliminated long ago. Please stop.