Josh Cogan: Capturing the Culture of our Nation’s Capital

“The deeper connection to the city comes when you start paying attention not just [to] what you need but what you can give back to it,” says Emmy Award-winning photographer Josh Cogan. An anthropologist and photographer by trade, Cogan has become a glue of sorts within Washington D.C.’s creative community, bringing together a wide spectrum of creatives through his work and community engagement.

In this video, Cogan discusses the cultural and social divides in Washington D.C., and about the varying ways communities come together to bridge those gaps. We'll drive together past the Nation’s Capitol Building and beyond, through city streets and winding park-lined roadways, catching glimpses of a Washington D.C. known only by its natives. We eventually arrive at a long-standing drum circle in Meridian Hill Park, which was one of Cogan's first experiences as a local, one which ultimately gave him a chance to not only capture his city’s culture, but to also add his own contribution.