Promoting And Protecting Play Through The KaBOOM! Playmaker Network

The KaBOOM! Playmaker Network works to identify, inspire, and connect play advocates; promoting innovation to increase play behavior and continuing to promote and protect play.

KaBOOM! is a national non-profit dedicated to giving all kids the childhood they deserve. KaBOOM! works to bring balanced and active play into the daily lives of all children, particularly those growing up in poverty in America. We do this by creating great places to play, inspiring communities to promote and support play, and driving the national discussion about the importance of play in fostering healthy and productive lives.

With the KaBOOM! Playmaker Network, we are working to identify, inspire, and connect play advocates; promoting innovation to increase play behavior and continuing to promote and protect play. We are motivating community leaders and child-serving organizations to leverage municipal resources and influence leaders to create more play opportunities, particularly for children living in poverty. At their core, cities are networks of neighborhoods and communities; we work to engage these community-based organizations and leaders in these networks to advance strategies that increase what we call playability—the extent to which a city makes it easy for all kids to get balanced and active play.

People don’t just want great parks and playgrounds; they want a complete reimagining of what our urban spaces and places look like—from to streetscapes to trailways and everywhere in between. KaBOOM! has realized building hundreds of playgrounds each year isn't enough and we can’t do it alone. We rely on Playmakers to champion the cause of play through advocacy and action. Playmakers rely on one another as a source of ideas to increase activity, inspiration, and discovery for the kids who need it most.

By having the Playmaker Network on CTZN, we are allowing groups to convene and easily connect in a single place—sharing their ideas, projects, and even struggles as we work in partnership to advance playability as a standard to which all cities can aspire. Do you believe in kids getting the childhood they deserve? Let’s do this together. Join our network, join our push, and let’s create a playful world where all kids are able to get the balanced and active play they need to thrive.

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President Trump's appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland was a mixed bag.

The theme of the event was climate change, but Trump chose to use his 30 minutes of speaking time to brag about the "spectacular" U.S. economy and encouraged world leaders to invest in America.

He didn't mention climate change once.

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via David Leavitt / Twitter and RealTargetTori / Twitter

Last Friday, GOOD reported on an infuriating incident that went down at a Massachusetts Target.

A Target manager who's come to be known as "Target Tori," was harassed by Twitter troll David Leavitt for not selling him an $89 Oral-B Pro 5000 toothbrush for a penny.

He describes himself as a "multimedia journalist who has worked for CBS, AXS, Yahoo, and others."

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The Australian bushfires have claimed 27 human lives, an estimated 1 billion animals are feared dead, and thousands of properties have been completely decimated.

The fires were caused by extreme heat and dryness, the result of 2019 being the country's hottest year on record, with average temperatures 1.52C above the 1961-1990 average.

The area hit hardest by the fires, New South Wales, also had its hottest year on record, with temperatures rising 1.95C above average.

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