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Best of 2013: 5 Ways Kids Inspired Us Through Play Best of 2013: 5 Ways Kids Inspired Us Through Play

Best of 2013: 5 Ways Kids Inspired Us Through Play

by Jill Vialet

December 18, 2013

I have long been a believer in the power of play to bring out the best in every kid. But this year I noticed an interesting trend: the power of kids playing to bring out the best in all of us. This year more than any I can recall, has had a number of notable moments when a playful and inspiring message from, by or about kids, has gone viral. Here are five of the most notable:

5. Recess Is For Everyone: And finally, Reggie, a student with cerebral palsy at King Elementary School in Portland, Oregon, could be found sitting in his wheelchair on the sideline every day at recess watching his peers play. That is, until Reggie's fourth and fifth grade classmates teamed up to make recess more fun for everyone. Now, every day three or four students sit with Reggie at lunch and then play with him on the playground, often modifying games so Reggie can play. "Anyone on the playground could see how much fun Reggie was having. The patience and care his classmates showed him was visible. Reggie felt like he was part of recess now, not just an outsider looking in." Recess truly became for everyone.

These five examples are more than a source of inspiration, they're also a reminder that students, schools, and communities get stronger when we all reconnect with the spirit of play. Here's to ensuring more of these kinds of connection happen in the new year.

Hopscotch on the playground image via Shutterstock

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Best of 2013: 5 Ways Kids Inspired Us Through Play