Kanye West Reimagined by Portland Orchestra Group

The Portland Cello Project turns Kanye West's All of the Lights into a sweeping classical anthem.


Kanye West can be called a great many things, but "delicate" is not one of them. Nonetheless, in this clip, the Portland Cello Project manages to take one of the fiery rapper's most recent productions, All of the Lights, and make it downright elegant.

As many in the music world know, classical music, like jazz, is a struggling art form, with many young people writing it of as stuffy and inaccessible. That's why it's nice to see updates like this that keep the genres moving forward and remind everyone that a cello section need not be boring. Don't be surprised when West starts using French horns and timpani on his next album.

West's original, featuring Rihanna, is below.