Awesome Kids Get on Camera and Fight Confederate Flag

These kids use facts and some pretty wonderful expletives to talk about the Confederate flag.

NASCAR is against the Confederate flag. The South Carolina legislature took the Confederate flag down. But their opinion absolutely pales in comparison to these hilarious young kids who got together to make a video for YouTube, and, with the help of carefully chosen expletives, went off on the Confederate flag.

The kids were organized under the group FCKH8, a clothing company with an “activist heart and social change mission.” As the kids themselves say (sometimes they say more than the “darnedest things,” contrary to stereotypes): “If we’re having this much trouble getting rid of a symbol of racism, we are in deep s**t getting rid of real racism.” The Confederate flag is about race, they argue, and it always has been. They defend their stance with cold, hard facts: “In 1863, an earlier version of the flag had a white background, which the designer said represented, and I quote, ‘The supremacy of the white man.”

Adults rarely listen to each other (why bother?), so sometimes it takes kids to set things straight. Check out their awesome video above.

(h/t The Huffington Post)