Kids' Letters to Michelle Obama Kids' Letters to Michelle Obama

Kids' Letters to Michelle Obama

by Amanda M. Fairbanks

December 10, 2010
Just in time for the holidays, 826 National, a nonprofit that tutors kids in creative and expository writing, recently asked its students to pen letters to the First Lady. The letters to Mrs. Obama were then compiled in I Live Real Close to Where You Used to Live: Kids’ Letters to Michelle Obama (and to Sasha, Malia, and Bo). It is a follow-up to 826's collection of letters to President Obama. The book is available for $12 beginning December 13, with proceeds supporting 826 programs in cities around the country. 

But my hands down favorite is the hysterical Andres Ortega, an 11-year-old Los Angeles resident, who wrote:

Dear Michelle Obama,

I think your husband should legalize immigration. Please put a statue of me in Echo Park. Thank you. J.K. No, really. I want a tuxedo on the statue.

Which question would you ask the First Lady?

Book cover courtesy of 826; illustrations courtesy of The New York Times

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Kids' Letters to Michelle Obama