Children's Letters to President Obama

McSweeney's has published a collection of letters to the incoming president, all of which were written by children at 826's after school centers. They are amazing. Here's a taste:Dear Pres. Obama,Good job on winning. I heard about Area 51. I wanted to ask you if there are any U.F.O.'s there. I think that you should tell people in public the truth about Area 51. You would just maybe say, "That we will take care of it." And do it.- Edwin Jara, age 9, New YorkDear President Obama,I want to tell you hi. Do you work with Santa Claus? Can I meet you in your house? Can I say bye to you after I meet you? And then can I meet you again? And then again after that?Sergio Magana, age 5, San FranciscoMore letters here, here, and here.