Bernie Sanders Sits Down With Killer Mike for an Engaging Conversation

They talk socialism, health care, voting, and other topics.

The political headlines may be dominated by a cartoon villain come to life, but there are other, saner voices involved in the 2016 race—among them Bernie Sanders, who speaks with a sincerity that is difficult to find elsewhere on the trail. Sanders sat down for a highly engaging six-part interview with the rapper known as Killer Mike—born Michael Render—who has enthusiastically endorsed the Democratic candidate. Killer Mike released all six videos this morning, each one touching on a specific issue.

“When I talk about democratic socialism, here is what I say: You have a right, regardless of your income, to health care. I believe that,” Sanders said when asked to define socialism. “Whether you’re rich, you’re poor, young, black, white. You have a right. You have a right to have an education. I think in the year 2015, you have a right to have free tuition at public colleges and universities if you have the ability.”

You can hear more of Sanders’ thoughts on health care in the interview, as well as his ideas on voting and prison reform, among other topics.