King Krule (aka Zoo Kid) Is a Teen Music Icon for Generation DIY

Move over, Bieber. Our favorite teen internet idol is England's King Krule.

At just 17, King Krule (also known as Zoo Kid), whose real name is Archy Marshall, has developed a reputation for singing heartbreaking tunes about love and despair that belie his youth. He writes his own music, records a lot of his songs in his London bedroom, and sports a filthy, ill-fitting white sweater in his one and only music video. In short, though he's exactly the opposite of Justin Bieber and other groomed, autotuned, bubblegum icons, he's also the kind of self-sufficient creative whiz people are finally beginning to respect.

It's unlikely King Krule's gravelly croaking will unseat Bieber's squealing at the top of the pop charts anytime soon, but that's not the point. The point is that alternatives to the glitzy mainstream exist if you look for them. They're just harder to find because they're tucked away in their bedrooms.