Larry David Won $5K Bounty for Calling Donald Trump a “Racist” on SNL

The moment was scripted.

Screenshot from Larry David's appearance on Donald Trump's SNL episode.

A political advocacy group called Deport Racism will be awarding Larry David $5,000 for calling Donald Trump a “racist” on live TV. The organization had announced last week that they’d be offering the $5K bounty to anyone brave enough to call Trump out.

“This is a chance to turn Trump’s appearance on the show into a media story that addresses his racist comments against Latinos,” they wrote in their press statement, referencing Trump’s past remarks that undocumented immigrants were “killers”, “criminals” and “rapists”.

The scripted bit happened on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, towards the end of Trump’s monologue. “You’re a racist!” shouted David. “Trump’s a racist! I heard if I yelled that they’d give me $5,000.”

Of course, because it was scripted, Trump was given an opportunity to respond and play the moment for laughs, saying, “As a business man, I can fully respect that.”

Although it was part of the show, Deport Racism announced yesterday that David had won his bounty fair and square. “Joke or not, it’s true,” they tweeted.

Trump’s SNL appearance had been the subject of much outcry, with much of it coming from Mexican-Americans who find his views on immigration dangerous and offensive. Over 500 people showed up to 30 Rockefeller Center to demonstrate against Trump’s presence on the show, chanting the campaign’s popular slogan, “Dump Trump” (which was tweeted 5,000 times on Saturday).

Watch the monologue below.