Leaf Imitating Art Imitating Life: Nissan's EV Will Emit Sci-fi Sound to Alert Blind People of Its Presence

As most of us are aware, when hybrids and electric vehicles drive at low speeds, they are almost totally silent, which is lovely in and of itself, but poses something of a threat to visually impaired pedestrians (or, for that matter, any pedestrian who doesn't see it coming). That's why the bright minds behind Nissan's Leaf EV have designed the car to emit a "beautiful and futuristic" sound-which, according to Gas 2.0, will be reminiscent of the din produced by flying cars in the film Blade Runner-to alert people of its presence. It won't actually fly (or emit that smoke-like substance that the cars in the film emitted), but the question remains: Will it learn to love?