Nimuno Loops Take Lego Building To The Next Level

You’ll ask yourself: ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

Lego construction toys go all the way back to 1949, when the plastic interlocking bricks were created by a Dutch carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen. Since then, over 600 billion Lego parts have been produced, making it one of the most popular toys in the world. Now, the folks at at Nimuno, a Cape Town, South Africa, design company, have taken Lego toys to a whole other dimension.

Nimuno has created a Lego-compatible tape with an adhesive on one side and Lego bumps on the other. The tape allows Lego maniacs to build around corners, on curved surfaces, and even sideways. The tape takes the usual Lego building experience to Inception levels of gravity-defying creativity. With a roll of Nimuno’s tape, anything can become a Lego building surface.

The people at Nimuno are probably in shock because what began as a simple $8,000 request on Indiegogo has grown exponentially. The company has quickly earned over $620,000 from more than 17,000 backers. There’s no word yet on what the Lego company thinks about this new way to use its product, but you can purchase a roll for yourself for just $11 from the Indiegogo site.