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[Updated] Let's Make a Neighborday Documentary Together

Hey GOOD Community, We want your help documenting the awesomeness that is Neighborday.

Hey GOOD Community,

You hosted a Neighborday, and it was rad. Now what?

Now we want your footage from the big event! Did you whip out your smart phone and interview some neighbors about your block? Did you capture that sweet shot of the sun setting as the party was winding down? Did you film your neighbor Becky dancing by the bonfire? We want all of that stuff! Once we’ve collected all the footage, we’ll use it for a documentary we’re releasing in May about Neighbordays across the globe that you can share with your friends and neighbors.

Go HERE to submit your video!

Capture yourself prepping for Neighborday however you want -- making food, buying supplies, cleaning up a space, making and printing out invites, whatever. Are you renting a bouncy house? We want to see it! Planning on dressing up like your favorite “Mad Men” character? Show us! Almost burn down your apartment baking that Neighborday cake? Okay, we hope we don’t see that, but you get the idea -- we want a behind-the-scenes look into whatever awesomeness you’ve got in store!

Capture yourself going to invite a neighbor to Neighborday. Okay, we know, this one might be a little awkward, but Neighborday is all about getting out of your comfort zone. We want to see your nervousness, your excitement, and some authentic moments of you interacting with your neighbors. Brainstorm some activities, plan a menu, or compare playlists with that guy who you’ve seen a million times but never had the nerve to say hello to!

When you're done, remember to Go HERE to submit your video!

Unleash your inner Wes Anderson while filming the look and sound of your neighborhood. Go out into your street, find some cool shots, and just let the camera run for 5 or 10 seconds on each. You can keep the camera fixed, or you can pan around; now’s your chance to show off that artistic side of yours. Capture a street sign, a row of houses, or even a hallway if you live in an apartment building -- it’s up to you!

When you're done, remember to Go HERE to submit your video!

This one’s easy, folks. All you need to do is introduce yourself on-camera, including your name, what neighborhood and city you live in, and that you’re hosting a Neighborday. Something like this: "Hi, I'm Casey. I live in Echo Park, Los Angeles, and I'm psyched to be hosting a Neighborday this year. Also, I love chocolate.” If your name isn’t Casey and you don’t live in LA or like chocolate, then feel free to change the script accordingly!


Go HERE to submit your video!

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