Let's Swap: Art Exchange for Art and Designers Want Free Art? All it Takes Is Some Art of Your Own

A new website makes it easy to trade your art for another artists. Free art!

Our ever-creative friends at Hyperakt have launched a new project. It's called Let's Swap and the concept is simple: There is one piece of art on the site. If you like it, submit what piece of your own art you would like to swap for it. If the artist accepts, you both get a lovely new print. Your piece is displayed on the site and if it gets the most votes, it becomes the next swap.

Says Hyperakt:

As much as we love the web, there's nothing like holding a beautiful printed piece in your hands or putting it up on your wall.

We love posters and books and we know there are tons of talented artists and designers that share this love.

We're using the web to celebrate print and using art as currency to collect art.

The swaps are already in full swing. If you're an artist or designer with some prints lying around, you can quickly get yourself into some new art.