Project: Create Original Art Worthy of Your Walls

Pick up a paintbrush! You don't have to shop at Ikea for your home art. For this project, make a piece of art yourself to hang in your home.

It's colorful. It's big enough to cover your entire living room wall. And it costs less than a paintbrush. Ikea art has its merits, and yet it leaves you with an unshakeable sense of the uncanny. That giant pink geranium—I've seen it before... That New York skyline—it's beautiful, so why does it make me feel claustrophobic? Mass-produced art can add color to a wall, but it also cripples the market for emerging artists and deprives you of an opportunity to express yourself originally. Pick up a pencil! You don’t have to be Picasso to create something worthy of your walls.

Think about the art you’re drawn to: big, abstract canvases, delicate charcoal sketches, watercolor landscapes. You may think you lack the skill to pull off the perfect picture, but the fun is in trying. Scope out deals at your local art supply stores for whatever materials you’ll need (canvas, paper, paint, pencils) or scavenge to create a piece inspired by the supplies around you. Throw those leftover Lowe’s paint samples on a sheet of old plywood for a pieced-together Pollock or buy a few new tools and let your imagination take the lead.

Create a work of art to grace the walls of your home. So you’re not an artist? So what! If you’re looking for inspiration, take a walk through a museum or consider the people, places, and ideas you love. Give yourself some time this weekend to tap into your creativity. Play your favorite album, roll up your sleeves, and don’t worry about the outcome, just enjoy the process.

Submit your photo of your creation hanging in your home by Friday, October 14. The winner will receive a GOOD t-shirt and a year’s subscription.

via Jim Browing / YouTube

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