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Let The GOOD Times Roll

So it's beginning to feel as if I only make these entries after I've broken my self-perscribed rules. Leave it to the bad influences at GOOD Magazine to throw the party at which I finally loosen this green belt and partake in the less-than-sustainable beverage. For a crowded open bar is no place for pints of Brooklyn Lager-rather prime time for whiskey straight. I've double checked, and Lynchburg, Tennessee definitely isn't in the 150 mile "local foods" radius I've set, and as hard as I've tried today, I haven't been able to dig up many positive articles about Jack Daniels' role as an environmental leader. Alas.The cab ride at night's end won't help my carbon calculations either, although it was split four ways-a small redemption.

Still, for all the foibles, it was nice to get to better know so many folks in the GOOD extended family: from the ground troops of the LA office to my fellow Brooklyn-based blogger, Morgan, to the Publisher, Ben Goldhirsh (doing his best Jeff Sachs imitation perpetually sporting a backpack), to reps from various Choose GOOD charities like Lara Vu from UNICEF. Any missteps in TGM were well worth the time with all these fine folks.

Fortunately, the GOOD party followed a couple of important days at the Earth Fair at Grand Central, further spreading the gospel of green through NYC. (The Earth Fair, and some other pertinent events of last week will be soon reported.) Perhaps this extra effort will spare me another karmic retribution-I really can't afford to lose another bike.

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Ben Jervey is the author of The Big Green Apple

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