Enough with the Food Porn

Little BIG Books will tell the micro food histories of regions and cultures across the United States.

Photo by Mackenzie Smith

At a time when there’s a glut of mega-branded celebrity chef cookbooks, Little BIG Books aims to offer a refreshing grassroots approach to the stories of highly talented amateur cooks from across the United States. Moving beyond food porn, each handcrafted book will tell the story of a region, immigrant group, or food type through 12 carefully curated yet crowd-sourced recipes. Former New York Times columnist Molly O’Neill is spearheading the project and she promises Little BIG Books will “delve deeply into the nation's hidden kitchens and celebrate the unsung heroes of the American stove.” The first four volumes will delve into that long overlooked culinary region, the Midwest. Recipes to be featured include: Norwegian flat bread, Hmong ginger and chile barbeque, and cured zucchini in a slow-cooked casserole. There’s also an entire book devoted to pies which will include Michigan cherry growers’ sour cherry pie and a Shaker lemon pie that, according to O’Neill “is best in the world.” Support the Kickstarter campaign to get your own set of the books, or, if you’re feeling extra generous, dinner prepared by one of the authors.