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World’s First Naked Restaurant Is Opening in London And The Demand Is Enormous

Over 23,000 people are already on the waitlist for tickets.

Those “no shirt, no shoes, no service” signs won’t be posted anywhere near The Bunyadi, a new London-based pop-up restaurant scheduled to open for three months starting this June. In fact, the new establishment plans to become the city’s first-ever clothing-optional dining experience.

“Enter a secret Pangea-like world,” its website boasts, “free from phones, electric lights and even clothing (optional) and revisit the beginning where everything was fresh, free and unadulterated from the trappings of modern life.”

Toting itself as “London’s naked restaurant,” The Bunyadi is named after a Hindi term meaning “fundamental” “base” or “natural.” Sebastian Lyall, the brains behind the restaurant, explains in an interview that the restaurant will be designed to allow its patrons to experience true liberation. According to Lyall, “We are creating an atmosphere inside the restaurant, where if you feel comfortable, you can take your gown off.”

To enhance the natural dining experience, the restaurant also guarantees liberation from technology. “We all get bothered by phones coming out and people on their phones while eating, so you can’t bring any kind of technology inside.”

The patrons won’t be the only naked things naked inside the restaurant. Lyall explains that guests will be served “naked food” that will be homegrown and free from preservatives, added colors, and chemicals. The restaurant will also utilize “edible cutlery” and will be devoid of plastic, metal, and any appliances that require electricity or gas.

For those who want to experience the trend but are feeling shy about baring it all, the restaurant will also include a non-naked section. But for guests seeking the full experience, gowns, lockers and a changing room will be provided.

If dining au naturel appeals to you, you had better sign up quickly. As of writing, over 26,080 people are already on the waitlist for tickets and the number seems to be growing rapidly.

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