UK Couple Finds Love On Twitter

‘Dear reader, I married him’

via Twitter

For years, people have debated the age-old question: Is there such thing as love at first sight? Can two people really fall in love after a momentary glance? Well, a recent love story out of the United Kingdom poses a new romantic dilemma for the information age: Is there such thing as love at first tweet? According to a recently-married couple in the United Kingdom, you better believe it.

Back in November of 2012, a Twitter user named Victoria professed her love for whoever was writing the tweets for Waterstones, a local book store on Tottenham Court Road in London, England.

After making her feelings known to the anonymous man behind the Twitter account, he failed to respond. So Victoria got up her courage and professed her love again. But this time, her tweet had a typo in it, so she received a response. Literary types can never resist pointing out a typographical error.

After a few months, Victoria and Jonathan, the guy behind the Waterstones’ Twitter account, finally got together on a blind date. Now, after three years of being exclusive, the couple tied the knot. It’s fair to assume a You’ve Got Mail-style romantic comedy about Victoria and Jonathan is right around the corner.