Magician Slams Anti-Trans Bathroom Laws With A Genius 2-Minute Trick

“Guess it doesn’t matter what it says on the jar”

Source: YouTube

Explaining something as simple as basic human rights can be frustrating when some people refuse to accept the fact that all—yes all—people deserve to be treated equally.

Thankfully, comedian and magician Justin Willman (you know, the guy who hosts “Cupcake Wars”) was able to prove the ridiculousness of anti-trans bathroom laws in an engaging way in less than two minutes.

Using jars of peanut butter and jelly, Willman explains it in terms that both four-year-olds and adults alike can understand. Sure, a jar might be labeled peanut butter, but if there’s jelly inside isn’t that the only thing that matters?

“Guess it doesn’t matter what it says on the jar,” Willman says in the video, “If it’s got peanut butter in it, we should show it some goddamn respect and call it peanut butter because it didn’t choose the jar… If it’s peanut butter, let it pee with peanut butter and if it’s jelly, let it pee with jelly.”

Simple, right? Watch the video above to see the brilliant explanation for yourself. And don’t forget to share it with those who need to see it most.