A Sinkhole Opened Up Next To Mar-A-Lago, Leading To Lots Of Interesting Theories And Metaphors

“Has anyone ever rooted for a sinkhole before?”

Donald Trump’s election isn’t the first time that American citizens have taken the Chicken Little “the sky is falling” approach to the news, but a new development right next to the president’s Mar-a-Lago resort certainly lends some credence to the dramatic and cliché proclamation.

Amid growing scandals surrounding the White House, a modest sinkhole has opened on a road next to the president’s private club.

The geological phenomenon may not carry with it the drama of, say, the Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan …

… but that hasn’t stopped people from making the comparison and pointing out the not-so-subtle metaphor of a hole to the middle of the Earth (sort of) emerging next to out president’s uber-classy resort during his darkest hour (yet).

Some felt that the rather modest visual required some dressing up to properly convey the spirit of the neighboring president:

As The Washington Post pointed out, the sinkhole, despite being an unconscious geologic phenomenon with no motives or feelings, seems to have its own fan club.

I think we can say, in light of recent events, the answer is “yes.”

Along with the metaphors come the requisite theories as well. People weren’t sleeping on the fact that this sinkhole business all seemed to start around the same time Trump touched that glowing orb.

Remarkably, this seems to be one of the more civil and reasonable political discussions a person can hope for in the Trump era of politics.