McDonald’s Workers Prep to Stage Largest Low-Wage Protest Ever

They say they won’t be pacified by the promised $1 pay raise.

McDonald’s execs are having a bad year. Not only is their brand rapidly falling out of the favor of young Americans, they’ve also got an increasingly angry, underpaid worker base on their hands. Despite its best efforts to pacify employees with a measly $1 pay raise, McDonald’s will find itself facing one of the largest protests for low-wage workers in company history, as organizers all over the U.S. mobilize workers in a Fight for $15 protest against “poverty wages” scheduled for May 21—the day of the company’s big shareholder meeting.

“Fed up with pay that drives them to rely on public assistance to support their families and angry over the publicity stunt disguised as a wage increase, McDonald’s workers will insist that the fast-food giant include in its turnaround plan a serious investment in the cooks and cashiers who make its billions in profits possible,” said Fight for $15 in a press release on Monday.

The group also released a video featuring Adriana Alvarez, who holds up her two-week pay stub to the camera. It totals up to $508.38.

“I can’t pay my bills and support my son off the poverty wages that I make. That is why I am here fighting for $15 an hour—and union rights,”