Las Hijas de Violencia, a Female Punk Group, Battles Catcalls With Confetti

A video of their confrontations has gone viral.

Las Hijas de Violencia (Daughters of Violence) is an all-female punk group in Mexico City that is fighting street harassment through performance. “When we are walking down the street and someone harasses us in any way,” says member Ana Karen in a video from AJ+, “we run after the person, grab our confetti guns, shoot once, we turn on the speakers and sing ‘Sexista Punk’”—their song about weathering catcalls.

“What you’ve just done to me is called harassment/If you do this to me this way, I will respond,” the lyrics go.

“We must respond,” says member Ana Beatriz. “We can encourage more women to do the same.”

“We recommend that you have fun with it, so you aren’t left feeling violated from what happened,” Ana Karen adds.

The video of their confrontations, produced by AJ+, has gone viral, which opens a whole new can of ugly worms. “Because we’ve gone viral, [online harrassment] has increased to a grand scale,” Ana Beatriz told Fusion. “We’ve received a lot of threats, a lot of trolling, talking about murder and rape. The virtual space is not a space in another world, it reflects the same.”

Undaunted, the group is inspired to expand their message. They plan to develop shows and programs for young girls and on college campuses.