Michael Steele, RNC Chairman, Does Not Know the Minimum Wage

Pressed by an interviewer, Steele wouldn't even venture a guess. He did use the word "canard" though.

On an MSNBC show last night, RNC Chairman Michael Steele was asked what the minimum wage was. He did not know. This is especially galling given that Republicans do not want to raise the minimum wage. It's also a great moment in the history of getting politicians to admit they are nothing like the regular people they claim to represent, like when they don't know the price of staples like a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk, or when George H.W. Bush proved not to know even how checking out at a supermarket works (which may or may not be true). The minimum wage question has also stumped Connecticut senate candidate Linda McMahon.

For the record, politicians, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. That's a yearly pre-tax income of $15,080, which is not close to a living wage, yet, amazingly, doesn't even qualify you as "in poverty" in America. Watch Steele's performance below: