Michelle Obama and Beyoncé Get Kids Dancing at 600 Schools

Yes, our First Lady can "teach you how to Dougie."

Need more proof that Michelle Obama might just be the fittest (and coolest) First Lady ever? In the video above, she joins a student "flash mob" at Washington D.C.'s Alice Deal Middle School. Yes, our First Lady knows how to Dougie.

The event was, of course, part of her Let's Move! campaign. Last month she partnered with Beyoncé to produce "Move Your Body," a remixed song and dance-inspired exercise routine. Obama and Beyoncé encouraged schools across the nation to learn the routine and perform it simultaneously on Tuesday. Over 600 schools across the country participated.

The beauty of the routine is that the kids are exercising without even realizing it. It's pretty obvious from the video that the students are having a ball—and you can see our First Lady hit her Dougie at the 2:44 mark!