Beyoncé's Killing It with These "Let's Move" Videos

Check out Beyoncé's new video for the Let's Move campaign against childhood obesity. It's really fun.


Childhood obesity has a new enemy—international superstar Beyoncé. She's been helping First Lady Michelle Obama with her Let's Move! campaign to promote the benefits of healthy eating and exercise, and she's produced a remix exercise video of her hit "Get Me Bodied," appropriately called "Move Your Body."

The video's set in a middle school cafeteria and shows Beyoncé leading students through eight exercise moves—some are as simple as jogging in place, while others are inspired by popular dances like the Dougie. The singer says she wanted to make exercise fun for kids, "by doing something that we all love to do, and that's dance."

The video won't just sit on YouTube, though. A coordinated "flash mob" of the routine is scheduled for participating middle schools across the country. There's also a video up with instructions on the choreography so that students can actually learn the moves in the video and perform them all at the same time on Tuesday, May 3 at 1:42 p.m. EST. I found it pretty impossible to sit still while watching the video, so this flash workout might just be a recipe for success.