Former Staffer Offers To Narc On Donald Trump In Exchange For Immunity


President Donald Trump may want to re-think his inner circle. On Thursday evening, the Wall Street Journal reported that Mike Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, told the Federal Bureau of Investigation and congressional officials he is willing to be interviewed regarding the Trump campaign’s potential ties to Russia in exchange for immunity from prosecution. Robert Kelner, Flynn's attorney, declined to comment to the Wall Street Journal.

As you may recall, Flynn resigned from his position in Trump’s administration mere weeks into the job after it was revealed that he communicated with the Russian ambassador to the United States before Trump's inauguration. At the time of Flynn’s resignation, President Trump denied any knowledge of the meeting, but additionally noted that Flynn “wasn’t wrong” in taking the meeting in the first place. Instead, Trump blamed the media for reporting on Flynn’s meeting, which led to his ousting.

People understandably had a field day with the news on social media. Check out a few of the reactions to Flynn’s immunity offer below: