Miley Cyrus’ Viral #InstaPride Campaign Helps Transgender People Tell Their Stories

The celebrity will share the stories of transgender and gender-expansive individuals with her 22.4 million followers.

Go to NYC Pride every year and you’re bound to be inundated with balloons, endless flavored condoms, and yes, free pens from Chase. Not everyone is able to make it to Pride—and not everyone feels comfortable—which is why pop star Miley Cyrus recently launched #InstaPride, designed to help transgender and gender-expansive individuals tell their stories to the world. For the next two weeks, Miley and The Happy Hippie Foundation will share select stories and photos from people who use the tag, then share them with their 22 million followers.

To say that Miley has a controversial record in social justice is to say literally nothing at all. But the always contentious celebrity seems to be using her fame for good in recent years. Just recently, she started The Happy Hippie Foundation, an organization with a highly unfortunate name but an outrageously important purpose: helping homeless LGBTQ and other vulnerable youth. Approximately 40 percent of homeless youth in this country are LGBTQ. Miley’s work, both at The Happy Hippie Foundation and here with #InstaPride, aims to provide more than visibility. They want services.

Just last month, Miley came out as not-straight, not-heterosexual to AP. In the interview, Miley appears insightful and informed, evenmagically—when she’s talking about pink armpits. While her story is no doubt important, the stories of #InstaPride are equally inspiring and moving. Make sure to take a look.

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