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Meet the Model With Down Syndrome Shaking up the Fashion Industry

Madeline Stuart busts stereotypes, breaks boundaries, and is poised to become a major force in the modeling industry.

Most models are mass-produced, standard-issue humans with standard-issue body types, wrapped in cheap cultural packaging. So it’s particularly exciting to watch beautiful models like Madeline Stuart, a young woman with Down Syndrome, meet actual, real success. Just last week, Stuart, an 18-year-old woman from Australia, landed not one, but two, major modeling contracts. The Internet responded with applause.

Stuart will be modeling for everMaya, a female-owned company that specializes in Guatemalan-themed accessories. She’s also been modeling for Manifesta, a company that prides itself on its diversity. But Stuart isn’t just looking at two campaigns—according to her mother, Roseanne, she’s got multiple contracts and offers on the way. Not too long ago, Stuart gained international attention when she started campaigning for more diverse models and more inclusive beauty standards. She began working out and speaking out, in hopes of becoming hired. Since making her voice known, her story’s gone viral, and her career has simply catapulted.

There appears to be a growing (but still, super super small) trend of models with Down Syndrome. American Horror Story model Jamie Brewer, who also has Down Syndrome, walked down the runway during New York Fashion Week, and even Target is now featuring a model with Down Syndrome. Small symbolic shifts in an outrageously long fight, but still a success, worth celebrating.

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(Via: The Daily Mail)

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