Unamused Mother Ignores Her Son’s Amazing Lip-Syncing Performance

He needs to buy his own car.

Being the parent of a teenager means having to block out a lot of chaos. Whether it’s their emotional breakdowns, loud music, or keeping up with their never-ending energy, parenting a teenager is exhausting. But the mother of 19-year-old YouTube star Motoki Maxted recently put on a master class in ignoring her son when he put on a furious lip-syncing performance while she stared ahead and drove calmly.

“Oh Lord, bless her heart,” Maxted told ABC News about his mother. “She’s had to probably put up with a lot from me, but I’m pretty sure she genuinely just doesn’t find me funny, hence the stone-cold face.” His mother didn’t even crack a smile as he lip-synched to bangers by Meghan Trainor, Sia, Drake, Twenty One Pilots, and Rihanna. “My mom barely knows how to use her phone so she doesn’t really understand the whole concept of digital videos yet,” he told ABC News. Hopefully, for Maxted’s mother, this viral video will earn enough hits for her son to buy a new car so she can finally drive in peace.