Mom Delivers Her Own Baby While Walking Through Hospital Doors

This mom gets points for style and speed

Image via YouTube

British mom Jessica Stubbins recently gave birth in record time. While her husband was busy parking the car, Stubbins walked through the hospital doors only to go into labor right then and there. Seconds later, Stubbins gave birth to their baby girl in the hospital doorway, and seconds after that, Stubbins’ husband ran through the doors to find that the delivery happened in the time it took him to park.

Luckily, Stubbins and her newborn baby are both healthy and faring well. In an appearance on Good Morning Britain, Stubbins’ husband says, “I was in absolute shock. I didn’t know what was happening.” While holding the adorable newborn, Stubbins replies, “She was coming, and there was no stopping her.”

Watch the video above to see the incredible birth for yourself—and don’t worry, it’s not nearly as graphic as The Miracle of Life.