Shark fins are in short supply, and interested parties don't always agree on how they should be apportioned. Connoisseurs of certain East Asian delicacies think shark fins should be used for shark-fin soup. Sharks, on the other hand, think they should be used for swimming.The sharks got some help last week. From the BBC:European Union countries are the main exporter of shark fins to China, where they are used to make shark-fin soup. A meeting in Brussels on Thursday drew up an action plan on "finning", which results in the deaths of the sharks. ...Environment groups claimed current law on finning-cutting fins off the living shark and dumping the low-value carcass at sea-was not strict enough.Good news. There are lots of great soups out there (minestrone, French onion, etc.) that don't require the mutilation of threatened sharks.Photo by flickr user Y-Not ? under a (cc) license.