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Seven-Year-Old’s Comic About Magical Afro-Puff Superhero Wins $16K Award

Natalie McGriff’s The Adventures of Moxie Girl is about a superhero who fights literacy.

Image via The Adventures of Moxie Girl's Facebook page.

The comic-book reading demographic of supergirls with superpower hair is criminally underserved, but not for long: Seven-year-old Natalie McGriff took home more than $16,000 after attending the “world’s largest crowdfunding festival” in Jacksonville, FL for her homemade comic, The Adventures of Moxie Girl, about a girl who has magical afro-puffs. McGriff’s mother, Angela Nixon, helped her pen the story of Moxie Girl, a black girl who hates her hair, until she uses a magical shampoo which gives her afro-puffs superpowers that help her fight illiteracy. When the Council of Monsters threatens to eat up Jacksonville Public Libraries, Moxie Girl fights them off with her kinky hair and saves the day.

“There were so many times that my baby came home or was watching tv and voiced her disdain about her hair and how ugly she thought it was,” wrote Nixon on Facebook after the big win. “The fact that we wrote a book about a little black girl who uses her kinky hair to save the public libraries and people of ALL different ethnic groups embraced it... I have no words.”

McGriff submitted her project to the One Spark Crowdfunding Festival, an annual event which helps creators and innovators fund projects in the fields of art, education, health & science, music, social good, and technology. Battling 530 other entries, Moxie Girl won the prize by just three votes. Nixon and McGriff plan to use the money to print the comic and to cover marketing costs.

Image via The Adventures of Moxie Girl's Facebook page.

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