This Two Year Old’s Verion Of ‘Better Than Blessed’ Has Over 8 Million Views

His story is unbelieveable.

When it comes to soul, some people are just born with it. In the video above, 23-month-old Demetrius shows the soul of a man who’s been singing gospel his entire life with his beautiful rendition of “Better Than Blessed.” Back in July, Lydia Majette of Philadelphia shared this video of her grandson singing in his car seat and it’s been viewed over eight million times. Her original post read: “This is my praise partner. I thank God every minute of every day this boy brings me great joy.”

When you see Demetrius singing about being blessed, he isn’t kidding. According to his grandmother, he was diagnosed with a serious heart condition while in the womb. The doctors suggested that his parents terminate the pregnancy, but they decided against it. At just five days old, Demetrius endured open heart surgery and has come out healthy. So it’s no wonder why his grandmother calls him Mr. Better Than Blessed.