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12-year-old boy's heart-melting performance at parents' vow renewal is winning the internet

Aiden crooned a soothing song at his parents' vow renewal ceremony and stole the spotlight.

12-year-old boy's heart-melting performance at parents' vow renewal is winning the internet
Cover Image Source: YouTube I @kemorene mills

After successful companionship in marriage, renewing wedding vows can be a magical experience. And Florida boy Aiden made the moment extra special for his parents at their vow renewal ceremony with his soothing vocals. In a three-minute clip on TikTok, captioned "The bravest son singing for his parents vow renewal," Aiden is lighting up the ceremony with his talent. The footage has been shared by videographer Danielle Tufano (@chasingabundance) and has garnered over 20 million views.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Jeremy Wong
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Jeremy Wong

In the video, the 12-year-old is seen holding the mic during the ceremony. As the video progresses, we see the young boy crooning the ballad of Calum Scott's "You Are The Reason." When he began his performance, he was trying his best to hold back his tears. He quickly wiped them away before regaining his composure to finish his heartfelt solo.

Aiden revealed that it was his mom's idea for him to sing at the vow renewal ceremony, and didn’t hesitate to agree to the opportunity.He knew which song he wanted to perform to. Explaining his choice to Good Morning America, Aiden said, "I chose the song because I find it sentimental and it was very sweet." He added, "I love my parents so that's why I decided to choose that song to sing at the wedding." He recalled that he was very nervous before his solo but his love for his parents helped him nail the performance. "I was very nervous being in front of that many people. But I was very excited and happy at the same time to be there at the wedding, to sing for my parents."

On the other side, Aiden's mom Kemorene Mills-Armstrong said that he wasn't the only one tearing up during the opening moments of the track. The mom of three said, "When he started, I was very emotional." "From the beginning, it was very emotional, and then you heard all the guests in the background. They were crying so I got even more teary-eyed I had to look up because all of the tears would be flooding down. So it was a very special moment."


The bravest son singing for his parents vow renewal 🥺✨🙏🏼

♬ original sound - ChasingAbundance


Videographer Danielle Tufano, who took charge of covering the vow renewal ceremony, also uploaded a video of the beautiful ceremony which left viewers in awe. The clip received plenty of comments with people appreciating the young boy's soothing vocals. Most of the users were in tears after watching the solo and the ceremony.

Image Source : TikTok I @notyouraverage_khyy
Image Source: TikTok I @notyouraverage_khyy
Image Source : YouTube I @allshadesof_liah
Image Source: TikTok I @allshadesof_liah


One user, @laurenurlibrarymouse, emotionally commented, "I don't know what the future holds however I'm sure that that boy will grow up being a man who will never break someone's heart." Another user, @altongarlington said, "I'm not an emotional person. But dammit that pulled a string." The young boy's mother also posted the video on her YouTube channel with the title, "My son singing at our vow renewal." The video has so far gained over 100k views with the viewers heartily supporting the young singer.



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